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Glass's Consulting

EurotaxGlass's Consulting advice draws on over 100 years of knowledge and experience of its staff working for automotive manufacturers, finance companies, fleet management, dealerships and within the insurance industry.

This awareness of our customers' business and the close contact that we have with these industries assists in providing a wide range of market intelligence services, which not only draws on our industry knowledge, but our database of information.

We can assist your business in providing the following levels of information:

Database modelling
  • Historical value analysis
  • Relationship trends in new and used car and truck prices for specific models, series and competing brands.
  • Vehicle specification, identification and comparison analysis at new and used pricing levels.
  • Measurement of trends within the fleet and private markets and by specific industry groups.
  • Buying and disposal advice.
  • Vehicle acquisition and disposal advice.
  • Independent advice on vehicles which best hold their value.
  • Assistance in developing a fleet policy.
  • OEM Car to market study price positioning for new model releases.
  • Residual value analysis.
  • Future values forecasting services.

Asset valuation

  • For tax, acquisition or your own records, Glass's can provide a point in time valuation of your automotive fleet up to 3.5 tonne. Valuations can be provided over a range of disposal options, taking into consideration vehicle series, specification and time and distance bands.

Glass's regularly undertakes presentations on areas of critical interest to the industry. Topics include -

  • Market trends
  • Vehicle values analysis
  • Specific market influences

Global information

If you require information about the overseas motor vehicle industry, please contact our Sales & Marketing Department. EurotaxGlass's, through their worldwide associations, is able to provide a wide range of information about what is happening in the overseas motor vehicle industry.

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