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Information is our business. And yours.

We are the leading provider of data, solutions and business intelligence services for the Australian automotive community.

Becoming the standard source of Australian automotive data does not happen overnight. For over 50 years we have been operating as an independent market observer, recording data for the automotive community and supplying this to subscribers in printed or digital form.

Through the combination of data collection, market analysis and mathematical models, we create reliable, decision-critical information. This information is available Australia wide and makes a measurable contribution to increasing the profitability of our customers. Our broad product and service range extends from automotive vehicle prices and specification data, residual value information, risk management and market intelligence, through to solutions for the automotive retail, insurance and finance businesses.

Access to the right information is key when making effective business decisions. Through the systematic development of our business we have grown from a supplier of data to a leading provider of automotive business intelligence. The resultant solutions are available to help you drive your business, giving you a clear competitive advantage.

Knowledge is power and profitability.

Mission & Values

Our Mission
To be the respected leader in the Australian automotive community providing value through decision-critical information and solutions.

Our Values

  • Connect
    Solidarity makes us strong. We are a team of 750 staff across 28 countries and partner to the best-known automotive brands from Audi to Volvo. We can be proud of that achievement - the result of our combined forces. We promote a communicative working environment in which personal exchanges between staff members create space for individuality. Respect and fairness characterise our team spirit that is committed to lasting values while remaining open to new people and situations. For us, success is a question of social competence and the mutual esteem this facilitates.

  • Commit
    Reliability makes us trustworthy. Integrity is a basic principle for us and mirrors our sequential thinking and goal-orientated actions. We attach great importance to transparency and reliability in order to remain constantly trustworthy and accessible in internal and external dealings. To this end we approach the tasks entrusted to us conscientiously and responsibly. The customer is always the focus of our service-orientated activity. Customer-satisfaction justifies our involvement and is the response to our professionalism.

  • Create
    Innovative thinking makes us progressive. Growth is a natural process - not only for people but also for companies. As such we strive to optimise our products continually in order to bring our customers tomorrow's solutions today - for shared success. A truly innovative spirit also demonstrates the courage to be self-critical and is not afraid of new challenges. These primarily fuel new ideas and dynamic processes. For us working as a team not only means working together, it also means working for one another. By combining our potential we create the future.

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