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Glass's Residual Value (RV) Tracker Software

Glass's Residual Value (RV) Tracker replaces the Auto Industry "RV Bible", Glass's "Residuals Guide" PDF. Glass's Residual Value Tracker provides a market analysis for all passenger, light and heavy commercial vehicles. It gives you the tools you need to make well informed and more accurate decisions when buying or disposing of your vehicles.

Key features include:

  • Monthly Updates to display Australian Automotive RV changes rather than quarterly updates
  • Select the Cars you want to analyse on one Graph or Data table
  • Allows you to customise RV analysis and reporting to suit your needs
  • Save your selected vehicles as a profile for automatic updates each month
  • Passenger, Light and Heavy Commercial vehicles residual values displayed
  • RVs displayed in "$" or "%" terms for 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 months
  • Export to Excel for further analysis, pivot tables, graphs etc to suit your needs
  • Quick Vehicle Search Function "Search By Segment, Make or Model"
  • Display in "Details Screen" vehicle series changes (eg VZ to VE), RV Prior year, MRRP history and % Change Year on Year
  • Ability to graph or table Historical Residual Values against Future Residual Values on one graph to view long term trends
  • This market leading technology will help you make well informed and more accurate Vehicle Fleet decisions when buying or disposing of your vehicles!!

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